Paid Vulnerability Email Alerts

On March 2nd 2020 we will be introducing paid vulnerability email alerts for instant and daily emails.

Traditionally we have been giving these away free of charge to our users, but the number of subscribers has increased steadily over the years and they are starting to become a significant monthly cost to us.

We’ve also increased the number of emails being sent to individual users due to the increased number of vulnerabilities being added to our database. For example, in 2019 we added the most vulnerabilities to our database than in any prior year since we launched the WPVulnDB.

Users who need instant vulnerability email alerts as soon as we add them to the WPScan Vulnerability Database, or would like a daily digest of the vulnerabilities added to the database that day will have to pay a small fee of €5 per month.

We will still be giving away free vulnerability alerts, but these will be limited to monthly digests of all the vulnerabilities we added to our database in the previous month.

So, on March 2nd 2020, we will migrate all current email alert subscribers to the free monthly digest emails. If any users want immediate or daily digest email alerts, they will need to login and subscribe to a monthly subscription fee after March 2nd.

If you want to subscribe to instant or daily email alerts, you can do so from March 2nd by logging into

We hope that this still gives many of our subscribers value for free, while also covering the needs of subscribers who need instant or daily emails, and allow us to cover the cost of this service.

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