Important changes to WPScan API subscription plans

API Subscription Plan Changes

We are making important changes to our subscription plans that we think you should know about.

From February 1st we will be making the following changes to the WPScan WordPress Vulnerability Database subscription plans:

  • Free plan: Lowering the API calls from 50 to 25.
  • Starter plan: Increasing the API calls from 50 to 75.
  • Professional plan: Increasing the API calls from 250 to 300.

We will not be changing any of our subscription plan pricing, we are only making changes to the number of API calls each plan can make.

From February 1st the new plans will look like this:

WPScan API Plans

How many API requests do you need?

  • Our WordPress scanner makes one API request for the WordPress version, one request per installed plugin and one request per installed theme.
  • On average, a WordPress website has 22 installed plugins.
  • The Free plan should cover around 50% of all WordPress websites.

For Starter and Professional users we are increasing the number of API calls at no additional cost. For our Free users we will be lowering the API calls. Due to this, we have offered all Free users that want to upgrade a three month Starter subscription coupon code. The coupon code was emailed to all Free users.

(coupon code must be redeemed by 1st March 2021)

To upgrade your Free account to a Starter account, login to the website, go to your profile page and choose the Starter plan. Then apply the coupon code during checkout for three months free usage. After the free three months you will be charged the normal pricing for the Starter plan, which is €5 per month, unless you downgrade beforehand.

We have also removed the email alerting feature from the website for all new users, except Enterprise users. Old users will continue to receive emails alerts. New users will need to use our WordPress plugin if they require vulnerability email notifications.

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