Hack the Planet

WPScan started as a simple Ruby script in 2011 to help identify vulnerabilities in self-hosted WordPress websites. The simple script matured into a large software project and gained popularity amongst the security and WordPress communities.

For many years we did not think of WPScan as a business, but since last year we decided that to make WPScan self sustainable it needed to generate income to be able to pay for all the things it needs to maintain itself and to grow.

Now that we have just started to make a little money, through our WPScan online WordPress vulnerability scanner and paid WordPress Vulnerability Database API usage, we want to also contribute something positive back to the world.

We think that climate change is one of the biggest threats to the sustainability of our home, planet Earth. Deforestation, oil production and use, industrial farming, pollution, and many other factors are threatening every living being’s future on this planet.https://www.youtube.com/embed/GlfW7aYouYQ

It is clear that world governments are not doing enough to help tackle climate change with the urgency that is needed. We as businesses and individuals have to take responsibility to try to curb the destruction of our home.

We have decided to donate 2% of our yearly profits to a charity that positively impacts climate change.

We hope that this helps in some small way to help a climate change charity literally hack the planet.

We have not decided on any charity yet, but it does need to have a European base, due to accounting legalities. If you would like to recommend a charity, then please tweet us your recommendation/s.

We would also like to encourage other businesses to take the initiative and join us. If you are a business owner we call on you to donate a portion of your yearly profits to a charity too.

Dewhurst Security, a company founded by a WPScan founder, will also commit to donating 2% of its yearly profits to a climate change charity.

We do not only plan to donate to charity, but to also include sustainability and the environment within our future business decisions.

Hack the Planet

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